Random Acts Matter is hosting our SECOND ANNUAL Random Acts of Kindness Week

February 11-17, 2019

Random Acts Matter (RAM), is a non-profit organization committed to mobilizing our community to provide care and compassion through random acts of kindness and service.

 The color Orange has been chosen to represent RAM;  It combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow;  it is associated with joy and sunshine, which we hope each of our random acts of kindness will provide to the recipient(s).

 Paint the Town Orange

RAM will be coordinating an outreach effort to engage our community in performing random acts of kindness during Random Acts of Kindness week


·       To share care and compassion, throughout our community, through random acts of kindness


·       Everyone is encouraged to participate.  Individuals, students, businesses, co-workers, neighbors, church groups, we need everyone to help us cover STC in kindness!


·       Actively look for opportunities to share kindness

·       Acts can be informal and simple (share a smile, open a door for someone)

·       Acts can be formal ( students make cards for seniors, STC Park District left dog toys at the dog park)

·       Acts can benefit one person, a larger group (your office, neighbors) or the whole community

·       No Act is too small, any random act of kindness is encouraged

 To Register/Additional Information

  • Please consider creating a team to perform Acts during the week, please share what your team is doing via our Facebook page or twitter


·       Please contact our Paint The Town Orange chairperson, Michelle Buck via email at dmbuck34@comcast.net or to register a team email us at randomactsmatter@gmail.com


Please join us in Painting St. Charles Orange with Acts of kindness!

 Small Acts, When Multiplied by Millions of People,

Can Transform the World!