“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world”

-- Howard Zinn

Random Acts Matter is a local organization with a mission to instigate and mobilize our community to provide care and compassion through random acts of kindness and support. This award recognizes one exceptional graduating senior from each of the St. Charles high schools (St. Charles North and St. Charles East) who are committed to making their community a better and kinder place to live.

Award winners will be chosen by the RAM board and recognized at the Senior Awards Ceremony.

All application materials are due March 16, 2018 by midnight. Please scan your completed application, finished essays and required recommendations; e-mail your final packet to the following e-mail address: RandomActsMatter@gmail.com

Download Application HERE

Who is Eligible?

●       High school seniors in good standing

●       Applicant must understand the value of education and embrace learning opportunities inside and outside of school. This $1,000 award is intended to further recipient’s education.

●       Applicant has demonstrated a commitment to community service

Application Materials

●       2 letters of recommendation that address specific acts of kindness/community service from 2 adults, one from within the high school and one from a community member

●       500-word essay that demonstrates applicant’s commitment to providing acts of care, compassion, and kindness. We would like to hear about specific incidents when the applicant provided kindness to others and acted as a role model to others in this regard.