February 11-17, 2018 is Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Random Acts Matter (RAM) will be coordinating an all out effort to cover our community in random acts of kindness during this very special week.

RAMathon encourages all of St. Charles to "Paint the Town Orange" with random acts of kindness.

Teams of students, co-workers, neighbors, church groups, and, really anyone and everyone, is invited to participate in performing acts of kindness with the added bonus of raising funds for RAM to continue providing Acts. Talk about a Win/Win situation!

Participants are encouraged to solicit pledges for acts of kindness to be completed during Random Acts of Kindness week. Regardless of timing, acts performed without pledges help us achieve our ultimate goal of sharing care and compassion with our neighbors.   

SO... who you would like on your RAMathon team?  At work or school, you can have multiple groups working together or competing for the most acts of kindness. Great team building and community service rolled into one!

Look around our community, there are lots of opportunities to help each other, start planning for Acts your team can perform and remember: no act is too small!

We can’t wait to Paint the Town Orange with you! Email RAM with questions.

Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness -Marcus Annaeus Seneca