There is no better way to help your neighbor than to do something unexpected.  This is the simple idea behind the formation of Random Acts Matter, a non-profit dedicated to creating a community of care and compassion.


Our Mission

To inspire and connect people within the community to create:

  • awareness and advocacy of our neighbors in need of care and compassion

  • a community inspired to provide random acts of kindness and support                                       


Random Acts Matter is organized for the purpose of raising funds to provide random acts of compassion and care on a referral basis via a network of community helping community. Random Acts will be performed primarily on a referral/nomination basis. Scroll down for our contributions. Primary sources of referral include:

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Municipalities (e.g. Police, Fire, City)
  • Local Non-Profits
  • An existing RAM donor, volunteer
  • A business partner - see our Community Partners page and speak to one of them
  • Through a local government agency here in St. Charles, IL
  • Note: Other referrals may be considered, with appropriate evaluation

Initially, recipients should generally reside in zip codes 60174 and 60175, with desire to expand over time. Fulfilling of referrals/nominations will be focused on random acts that demonstrate care and compassion in support of our vision and mission.

Random Acts of Kindness and Service will be provided in one of three ways:

  • Business Partners who will provide the service as a donation
  • Group of volunteers such as:
    • RAM Volunteers
    • Students
    • Church and other Youth Groups

how to refer

Click the "Nominate" button at the bottom of this page to fill out a referral form.  All Random Acts Matter requests will be reviewed by our Governance Committee for alignment with our vision, mission, and established approval criteria.


  • Donated towards purchase of therapy dog for a child with Asperger's syndrome
  • Helped contribute to a local family involved in auto accident who needed assistance with medical bills  
  • Delivered food to individual recovering from surgery resulting in temporarily immobility
  • Donated tuxedos for two boys for prom
  • Offered support for First Responders of local tragedy
  • Provided dinner, a movie & babysister for new mom and dad in need
  • Donated a medical alert system to a senior
  • Offered support for a new car to transport a child in a wheelchair
  • Provided books/reading experience for a high school student
  • Donated outfit, manicure/facial for a high school girl
  • Donated a bike for middle school student whose previous bike was stolen
  • Assisted a single dad and five children that recently moved out of Lazarus house with needed household items
  • Donated a sandbox for Lazarus House children to enjoy
  • Provided summer clothes for six children
  • Donated a washing machine to assist care for one's five children and three foster children; followed by a RAM volunteer donating a dryer
  • Provided a spa treatment for a non-profit leader to help her relax and re-energize in a stressful time of her business
  • Provided financial assistance to assist with medical bills related to cancer treatment
  • Provided a positive experience to help individual feel care and compassion
  • Provided date night, house cleaning, meals and other help for parents of child with leukemia who cannot leave the house and who needs considerable attention
  • Donated massage and R&R for individual that is grieving the loss of father and caring for seriously injured mother and brother
  • Donated financial support toward expensive Lyme disease treatment for individual
  • Donated financial support toward the purchase of hygiene and clothing items for the homeless during a project to serve them
  • Delivered treats to the First Responders of the house fire on Indiana Street
  • Provided financial support and other assistance to individual taking time off work to treat depression 
  • Donated clothes and gift cards to couple who lost everything in a house fire
  • Assisted with new tires and car repair for disabled individual receiving no support
  • Provided breakfast for teachers experiencing challenges in day to day routines
  • Donated gift card as act of kindness to grieving father that lost child
  • Provided treats to support group for families dealign with mental illness
  • Provided winter gear for single mother who just left abusive marriage
  • Provided assistance caring for pet as individual sustained injuries from a car accident
  • Provided new school clothes for 14 children at Lazarus House
  • Provided gift cards to individual going through divorce and loss of job
  • Provided gift cards to individual with severe medical issues